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When my mom passed away I had no idea where to start. I had a few people recommend Omega. From the very first phone call with Neil I knew that I had chosen the right people to work with. He made everything so easy from the start and went above and beyond for my family. And the icing on the cake was when we realized in the sitting area they had a picture of a hummingbird and daffodils. Both were moms favorites. I think that was a sign from her that we had chosen the right place. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts.

Brandi Fuller
October 24, 2023

I honestly do not know where I would be right now if I had not met Neil and April. Neil is one of the absolute best people I have ever met in my entire life. I lost my mama July 5th to an extremely aggressive cancer. Three weeks from the day she was first admitted to the hospital was all it took. She was my world and, by far, the most important person in my life. I loved her more than anything.

Mama was admitted to Duke Hospice Hock Family Pavilion where she was able to rest comfortably for just a few hours. She passed very peacefully. I was completely and utterly devastated. No idea what to do next. I had met with a social worker earlier that morning for the admissions process, a remarkable man. I asked to speak with him for comfort and guidance. He asked me if I had picked and/or contacted a funeral home. I then remembered the three page list he had provided earlier. I had not even given it a glance. I asked him to please choose for me. I completely trusted he would do the very best for mama. And that he definitely did!!

He immediately, with no hesitation, stated that Omega Funeral Service & Crematory was the best to work with and very reasonably priced. He also stated I would not be pressured to do or buy anything more than I requested. Then he called Neil and the two of them set everything up for me. For once in my life, at the time I needed it most, I was taken care of and did not have to worry.

The first time I spoke with Neil we only chatted briefly. I instantly knew he was truly compassionate, genuinely cared and was concerned about me. He explained everything in detail and was patient when he had to repeat himself several times. Not that it was difficult to understand, I just could not get it together. April sent me an email with the paperwork attached. I was so distraught that I could not keep my concentration for more than a couple of minutes so was anxious to open. I clicked to find three numbered steps. Very easy. The attachments are going to be so difficult I thought. Nope! To my complete surprise, they had made the paperwork thorough AND easy enough to fill out in just a few minutes. I was elated! My anxiety subsided. Upon completion, I simply took photos and sent them back to April. Only one other document and a proofread of the certificate followed and that was that.

I had a few family issues and Neil went above and beyond with his support and professional advice. In addition, they had a full house preparing for a service the day I went to pick mama up. My little dog and I had arrived early and had not called so they were not expecting us. We waited outside for two minutes max before April greeted us with a smile that lit up the room and welcomed us inside. She was so sweet and patient and great with my little dog. I signed one form and, as promised, was not pressured to do more. April gave me a big hug and we were on our way. Neil later called to apologize for not being able to see me. I told him not to worry, it was my fault and we had a nice chat.

Neil and April somehow manage to provide both impeccable customer service and a level of sincerity I had never experienced. In the saddest, most stressful times of one’s life. They took care of me and my mama when we needed it the most. I also know I can reach back out to them if I need support. Their response time is uncanny as well!

Thank you so very much!! For those searching for the perfect place to say goodbye to a loved one…You have found it.

Cat Ross

Cat Ross
July 28, 2023

My husband Joe Brown passed away January 8, 2023. I was devastated and did not know what to do. Joe and I had already decided he wanted to be cremated. Hospice contacted Omega Funeral Home for me. Omega was absolutely the best. They helped me make the arrangements and was so nice and helpful. Neil and his wife are the best. They make this most difficult time so much easier. I would recommend Omega to anyone and have told everyone about them and their services. Thanks Neil for your compassion and help.

Patricia Brown

Patricia Brown
June 20, 2023

We'd like to add a testimonial. Omega FSC was recommended to us and we recognized the reason why from the initial phone call when speaking with Neil Breed. Neil and his staff exceeded our expectations. Neil took care of all our needs throughout the process. He is
professional and very organized as he runs a high quality business in a very personable and thoughtful manner. He was readily available with a continuous,
strong work ethic. The beauty of this funeral service is represented well in it's
welcoming furnishings, roomy comfort, ammenities, and extraordinary cleanliness. We will always remember the effort Neil and his staff put into our loss. Lastly, the funeral service is astoundingly less costly than every place we called, making this place top notch!
We sincerely thank each of you at Omega for making this difficult time a smooth process

Michelle Morganti
May 11, 2023

Omega Funeral Home is the absolute best. My husband Joe passed away January 8, 2023 and they were really helpful and compassionate through the whole process. I do not know what I would have done without Neil and April. Thank you so much for all you did to assist me during this most difficult time. I will never forget all the ways you helped me. I have told everyone I know about Omega.

Patricia Brown
May 6, 2023

Omega exceeded my family's expectations and provided truly excellent service. Neil went above and beyond to accommodate a special need we had. He is extremely knowledgeable and very pleasant. He took the time to thoroughly explain the process and documentation. We can't recommend Omega enough.

Anna Holley
December 5, 2021

My mom died last summer. Omega took wonderful care of her and our family. April and Neil are so kind and caring. When she died, they were quick to remove her into their care and took care of all the paperwork and everything was done perfectly. They were so kind and caring. They made a very tough time better. They prepared her for us to see her in the slumber room and she looked so at peace. I will never forget the incredible service they provided our family. I plan on using them again when my 98 year old father passes away. Top notch people and business.

Jacki Vickers
June 2, 2021

I was referred to Omega when my husband passed on April 1st and from the moment we walked through the door, we felt taken care of! Neil helped to make a very difficult time much easier for our family. He took extra care in making sure my husband looked his best for the celebration of his life. Omega is very reasonably priced and the professionalism, customer service and support is 5 star! And Filo's Florist was also very helpful....Thank you Neil for suggesting them!

Beverly Webster
April 13, 2021

My Uncle recently passed away and the staff at Omega Funeral Service were so kind and helpful \thoughtful making the process seem more like family helping family instead of a business transaction

Robin Brown
March 12, 2021

I recently lost my brother and I live In Florida. After calling several places and not feeling what I needed from anyone, I called my daughter and asked her if she could please call Omega for me as I just couldn't talk to anymore, what felt to me as uncaring people.

So she did and she spoke to Neil who she said was so nice and caring and actually talked to her as well as expressed his sympathy. When I called and spoke to him she was right he and April were both just awesome.

Just when I didn't think they could be any more helpful and caring than they were, I had to drive 12 hours to get my brother, got there Thursday morning when I had told them it would be Friday morning and he was not ready....I was devastated as I just wanted to take him home. So being the obviously loving caring people they are, April said can you give me a few hours, and I will get your brother ready for you to take home. They went so above and beyond for me, a complete stranger to make it possible for me to leave with my brother. I am so very thankful to have found them as they were so on it all and it made me feel at ease for the first time since this happened. If you lose a loved one and you want them treated as if they were their family as well, this is the place to go...I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you did for me and my brother.

Christine mayns
December 18, 2020

Koren’s mom, Medora Ziakas, passed away while in the hospital. We looked online and called several Cremation services. We used Omega Funeral Service. At a difficult time in our lives, they made the process easy and most affordable. We thank Neil and April for all their help in guiding us through the paperwork.

Howard and Koren Maccubbin
January 6, 2020

I just want to thank the staff of Omega Funeral Services for showing my family and myself compassion, respect, and kindness during our time of sorrow. I am very satisfied with the services rendered.

Sonya Thomas
December 18, 2019

My wife's sister passed away in January 2018. We live in Arizona and her sister lived in North Carolina. We spent considerable time trying to find a funeral service provider that we felt could meet the needs of the family and work with us to plan the arrangements as we were unable to travel the 2100 miles to North Carolina.

We are fortunate to have found Neil and April Breed. The price of the services we selected could not be met by anyone else that we considered. Neil Breed provided honest straight forward information. He didn't dodge any of our questions. He did not try to 'upsell' us on any services or 'merchandise'. It was more than refreshing to speak with someone in the funeral industry that is honest and straight forward.

Neil handled all of the difficult paperwork associated with the burial which was in a United States National Cemetery. There was not an additional charge for completing the formal application, gaining approval and for scheduling with the cemetery.

The presentation of the body for viewing prior to burial exceeded our expectations. Funeral Service Providers are not created equal. The appearance of a loved one who is to be buried varies with the skill and dedication of the individual preparing the remains. It was obvious to us in the pictures that we saw, that Neil cares about what he does and how he does it. He is a true professional.

If you are looking for someone who cares about what you and your family want for the final services for a loved one, you would be hard pressed to find someone better than Neil and April Breed.

Garth Wood
February 5, 2018

I just lost my Mother and was referred to Omega by UNC Medical. Truth be told, UNC had a one page document that had multiple choices. I only called two. My first call was to Omega. Neil was straight and to the point about what needed to be done. Grieving in the loss of my Mother, having someone who could cut through everything and explain to me exactly what the process would look like is priceless. Facts about transportation of the body, the process and obtaining the death certificate were covered quickly and thoroughly. I made one more call after and the company failed to address many of the items covered in my call with Neil.
Their follow up and attention after we hired them was everything I expected and more. I highly recommend Omega.

Richard Kimball
October 28, 2017

It's inevitable that we will all lose someone we dearly love as I've just experienced. Just wanted to put out there to everyone, that when the time comes and you need a place that can help you through one of the hardest times of your life, will go above and beyond for you and your family, I would suggest Omega Funeral Home. They are kind, helpful, supportive and allowed us to celebrate my daughter's life instead of making it dark and depressing. Can't thank them enough for everything they did for myself and my family.

Trina Somers Womble
October 6, 2017

I called Neal from the hospital when my father died last August and he was reassuring, comforting and guided my brother and I through some difficult decisions. He advised us that our father was eligible for services at Arlington Cemetery, which is something we would never have imagined. He took care of all of the paperwork involved in getting dad on the waiting list for burial at Arlington and the service was held May of this year. The ceremony at Arlington is a memory that every member of our family will cherish and it was an exceptionally uplifting way to celebrate our parents' lives (our mother's ashes were placed in the niche with our father). Our family is very grateful to Neal for his help in arranging such an extraordinary opportunity. Neal's help doesn't stop. He is currently helping with having our father's medals reissued. Words cannot express my gratitude.

Pam Murray
August 31, 2017

Neil and April were so helpful and patient while guiding me through the process at a time when I really needed it. The prices were great and customer service is the best. Thanks again guys!

Anne Coulson
February 19, 2017

HIGHLY recommended! Neil was extremely personable and understanding, not for one second did I feel as if I were dealing with a business in a bad way. Lowest prices but extremely professional! Thank you Omega!

Jackie Tortorici
September 29, 2016

Omega Funeral provided great service in our time of need. Neil and April were extremely helpful in making sure we knew what to expect, and when to expect it since I was dealing with them remotely from Texas. The prices are extremely reasonable, and there were no pushy sales to get me to purchase something I did not want or need. I HIGHLY recommend Omega Funeral Service. Thank you again for all your help

Stacey Guyer
May 18, 2016

Directly after mom's passing I phoned Omega and spoke with Neil. He gave me all the information I needed but also reassured me that I had a little time to look things over at my own pace. He let me know what the first thing I needed to do was, which is very helpful during an emotional time. The cremation price was very reasonable. I corresponded with April and Neil via texts and was thankful for technology! Make technology your friend during this process, it will serve you well. Apparently this team has been serving families for many years and it shows. They are prompt, knowledgeable, thorough and most of all, friendly. Thank you both for easing my load a bit during this sad time.

Laura Graham
April 14, 2016

Wonderful, efficient, and so easy to work with. Reasonable prices, incredible professionalism, but also compassionate and warm. Very grateful we were referred to Neil & April. They truly made a difficult time easier, and relieved our stress by taking care of my brother's final needs. Good people.

Laurie Wood
February 9, 2016

My dad past away in November 2015 and had left strict instructions about what was to be done with his remains. He wanted a very simple cremation. It was difficult to watch my father pass and even more difficult to try to honor his wishes with a simple cremation. Neil and April made this a much easier journey. They were there every step of the way and made recommendations that we would never have thought of. Their prices were absolutely the best in all of the triangle area and they were truly kind, compassionate and very professional. I made a few blunders trying to get the obituary published but Neil made sure it was done correctly. My impression of Neil is that he is not just personable, he is personal and that helped immensely in making this period of mourning more bearable. Thank you Neil and April Breed.

Theresa Newsom
January 15, 2016

April and Neil were awesome people to work with when my mom passed. They were very understanding of my family's situation and worked with us. I couldn't have found 2 better people to help with our arrangements. They definitely treat you like family! I recommend them highly!!

Amanda Ward
December 22, 2015

To the top of our upcoming healed hearts. I am another family member who agrees with my sister Kymo Iyar Oilouch about Neil & April Breed, again thank you and god bless you all.

Frolline Jean Ngual
December 16, 2015

Thank you Neil and April Breed for your kindness and support during the time of our loss. Your services are efficient and exemplary. The staff of Omega showed excellent professionalism towards us. From our family to yours THANK YOU from the bottom of our broken hearts.

Kymo Iyar Oilouch
December 16, 2015

Had to travel to North Carolina for the death of my best friends mother. This is never an easy task. I am a nurse and specialize in death and dying. When I called and spoke with Neil he was kind and caring. He said all the right things anyone in mourning needed to hear. I really felt he was compassionate and cared about Pat who had passed away. He gave very detailed information and even supplied me with information that he said would help us through the process even if we did not use his services. I am so glad we did use them and I thank Neil so much for being caring and helping myself and my best friend Susan and her family get through this difficult time. I highly recommend their services if ever needed. ~ Patty Mcrink

Patty Mcrink
November 30, 2015

My Friend Used Omega and the service and location was great! As a florist I here a lot of comments from people and I must say, I have heard nothing but great things about Omega and the services and prices.

Gallery Florist (Kim)
August 5, 2015

Neil and April were so sincere when helping us deal with a difficult time when my brother passed. They were very sensitive to our special needs, simple as they were. I was worried that it would be expensive, but they do not push you to spend unnecessarily at all.
Not only was it a pleasant surprise at how inexpensive the services were, but they were a pleasure to work with and made a difficult much easier.
Before spending 2 or 3 times more at another funeral home, talk to Neil and April

Ingrid Mendoza
March 11, 2015

Neil handled my fathers funeral service while with another funeral home in High Point, NC. He did a great job and was so sympathetic and very much just there for my whole family. I hope I don't need his services again anytime soon but if I needed those services again I would definetly get him to do it. I was only 10 when this happened and I am now 24 because of the impact he had upon me I still remember him and I don't just remember the service I remember the kindness he showed me and my family and he is very close to us even to this day thank you again Neil for everything you did for us

Brittany Dratwick
February 28, 2015

A little over 14 years ago I experienced the unexpected loss of my Fiancé. It was a devastating time in my life when I met Neil Breed while he worked at a funeral home in High Point, NC. He was the most compassionate person I had ever met and the care and love he puts into each and every family he meets is above and beyond anyone's expectations. Along with his caring and compassionate service he serves with the utmost professionalism. I would recommend him to anyone anywhere. You will never regret your decision to have him handle your funeral services. Thanks again Neil for the compassion and support you showed during this really difficult time in our lives. We will never forget you.

Sharon Schneider
February 28, 2015

Some of the best people I have had the pleasure to meet. If you need affordable funeral services I would recommend them. If my time on earth ends before im ready I want them to handle my service

Billy Steele, Jr.
February 22, 2015

Neil and April Breed of Omega Funeral Service & Crematory handled the affairs of my father in January 2015. Mr. and Mrs. Breed were professional, concerned, caring, and family first. They understand the difficult time families encounter and therefore go above and beyond with their services. Many times, I received a response to my phone calls and/or emails within minutes. Omega Funeral Service and Crematory is very professional and their services are reasonably priced.

Scott Dunn
February 3, 2015

On behalf of the Meaghan Gerringer family, we would like to express our appreciation and gratitude to Neil and April Breed, Bo Cook and all the other staff at Omega Funeral Service & Crematory.

A special thank you to Bo Cook for his professionalism and for his sincere, compassionate care to all our family members. His guidance throughout the entire event helped us so much more than words can convey. His services went above the normal expectations and were truly appreciated.

We highly recommend Omega Funeral Service & Crematory. They offer affordable prices and have outstanding staff members that are more than willing to assist you in any way they can.
Sheila & Mark Hearne

Sheila Holleman Hearne
January 6, 2015

When my mother died I could not have asked for a better service and better treatment from two of the most kind individuals I ever met. Neil and April Breed are Christians and genuine people when it comes to serving others and they truly care about people. You will not go wrong by using them. - Kaylee Ray daughter of Tammy Workman

Kaylee Ray
December 18, 2014

Burying a loved one is an emotionally difficult time. Neil helped my step-mother through the process of pre-planning what to do when my father passed away. When the time came to make the final arrangement, Neil went out of his way to give us all what we needed to say our final farewells. He was very knowledgeable about the process, both in the requirements and entitlements for a military burial. Omega kept the costs to a minimum and helped everyone understand what to expect during the time we were planning our services. Would definitely recommend Omega to others.

Jennifer Riddle
November 14, 2014

I recently lost my little brother and can not thank Neil and the staff at Omega enough for their kindness and support through this difficult time. They paitently helped me more than I can put into words and I THANK THEM! I would highly recommend them in your time of need.

Mike Roach
November 3, 2014

My father recently passed away and my family and I were blessed to find Neil and his wife April at Omega Funeral Service & Crematory. They handled everything for us with the utmost professionalism. Neil went above and beyond to help us take care of things therefore giving my family the ability to focus on our grief over losing my Father. During this difficult time Neil and his wife were our light at the end of the tunnel. I would highly recommend Omega Funeral Service & Crematory! I feel that my family and I have gained new friends in Neil and his family.

Nicole Smith
October 23, 2014

Neil, April and the entire staff of Omega Funeral Service & Crematory served our family with class, compassion and dignity all the while keeping the cost reasonable. Our father was a career military man and they arranged a beautiful memorial service and even had full military honors rendered for dad at the church. Special thanks to Ryan and Chris for their professionalism and kindness.

The family of Arval Gross
September 29, 2014

I would highly recommend Omega Funeral Service & Crematory in Burlington, they are absolutely wonderful. They are compassionate, professional, helpful, kind, considerate - they give you ideas but not forcibly, they offer you anything available but no pressure of a sale and in the end they genuinely care about your loved one and who they were and who you are. I was very satisfied and would recommend them to anyone.

Rhonda Derr, RN
September 16, 2014

Neil and April Breed took a difficult time in ones lives and made it a memorable and meaningful moment for our entire family. They and their entire staff acted with sincere kindness, compassion and professionalism.

The Isley and Robinson Families.
September 2, 2014

Dear Mr. Breed, Our family wishes to let you know how grateful we are for the exceptional Memorial Service you provided for our mother and grandmother Suzie Pulley. We appreciate your wiliness to plan, organize and conduct the service during our time of bereavement. We want to thank you also for giving family and friends an opportunity to speak during the service. Their expressions of memories and kind words were very heartwarming and meaningful.

With warmest regards, Griffin Pulley, and the family of Suzie Pulley
July 20, 2014

I wanted to let you guys know that you did a wonderful job on my father's funeral. I could not have received the service that was rendered from Omega any where else in town. You made us feel like we were part of your family and you answered all our questions and concerns. Some funerals I have been to the person did not look like themselves but you made Daddy look like himself and like he was a asleep. I will recommend your services to everyone I know. Thank you for all you did for my Family.

Melissa Wilson
June 2, 2014

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